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The Autors of this fascinating book are:


Katalin Peli was born in Hungary and studied at the University of Tuebingen in Germany. She's lived all over, including twelve years in Italy, one year in Brazil, and four years in Spain. She is the proud mother of two sons, eighteen year old Tom and sixteen year old Maui. They both speak four languages and feel at home just anywhere on the planet. Catalan currently resides in Los Angeles with her sons, husband, and dog, Vaiana. In her spare time, she likes to surf, windsurf, and dance with her family.

Catalan Believes that friendship and love overcomes racial, social, and religious boundaries ad tries to instill this universal value in all that she does including this book. Friends is Katalin's first children's book.


Rainer was born in North Italy and he lives there today with his wife Carla and with his sons Liam and Levi. After his study on the University of Innsbruck he worked more than 10 years in the research. For more than 15 years he dedicated himself with the study of water. Rainer is a passionate biker, provided he can find free time for it.  

Rainer`s goal is to strengthen the well-being through water and to make visible the invisible with water crystal photography. 

It`s in Rainer`s heart to increase consciousness in dealing with water.

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